IBM and StartupJuncture offer platform for innovation with self-learning technologies
5 March, 2021 by
IBM and StartupJuncture offer platform for innovation with self-learning technologies
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StartupJuncture and IBM today announce a collaboration. The companies will jointly offer insight in the latest developments and innovation in the field of cognitive and self-learning technologies in the Dutch startup ecosystem.

IBM and StartupJuncture will also provide an overview of the startups that already apply these technologies.

The collaboration with IBM follows after a partnership with KPMG, announced earlier this year. StartupJuncture wants to bring the necessary in-depth analyzes, research and insights, next to the daily amount of startup news and chooses to forge strategic alliances to do so.


“StartupJuncture offers a platform for the Dutch startup ecosystem”, says Michel Splint, manager Ecosystem Development and Cloud Consulting at IBM about the partnership. “It’s the ideal partner to share the developments of self-learning and cognitive technologies with the Dutch startup community.”

Working together with IBM is also important for StartupJuncture. “In essence, artificial intelligence helps us to make better decisions – on a level that’s impossible for an individual”, says Samir Saberi, CEO and co-founder of StartupJuncture.


“These technologies give us unparalleled possibilities for solving complex problems in industries like healthcare, education, governance, security and commerce. Therefore I’m very delighted that we’re able to offer startups and companies in these areas a platform.”

Through its Watson Ecosystem program, IBM offers its cognitive and self-learning technology to startups. High-tech companies have access through the IBM Bluemix developer cloud.

IBM Watson

“By using nearly 30 cognitive APIs, supported by IBM specialists, startups and tech companies can build solutions that were once only possible by using supercomputers”, says Splint. “Next to improving and optimizing these offerings, we will bring new innovative and disruptive products and services on the market.”

IBM is investing heavily in its Watson program. Part of this 1 billion dollar program is a 100 million dollar venture fund through which IBM invests in promising startups that are powered by Watson technology.

The program recently started in The Netherlands, Amsterdam-based StartMonday was the first company to partner up with IBM Watson. (link in Dutch).

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