Cyber-security startup EclecticIQ secures €5,5 million from Inkef and KPN
5 March, 2021 by
Cyber-security startup EclecticIQ secures €5,5 million from Inkef and KPN
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Amsterdam-based cyber-security startup EclecticIQ secured an investment of 5.5 million euro from INKEF Capital and KPN Ventures. Part of the money (1.5M) was already promised in an earlier round, but has now been cashed.

EclecticIQ will use the funding to expand abroad and in new industry sectors. “EclecticIQ’s fundamental belief that the end-user should be at the center, leading to a better and more efficient cyber threat intelligence process really resonates with us.”, said Corné Jansen, Director at INKEF Capital in a statement.


The startup has been on StartupJuncture’s radar for some time, as they are fighting the ever expanding battle against cyber criminals with a software technology that provides cyber threat analysts with a platform to utilize and exchange cyber intelligence. EclecticIQ makes cyber security data available in standard formats for analyst to work with, and enrich with information specifically relevant for them. The cyber security data is collected from multiple parties that sell the intelligence, such as Intel471 as well as open source and community feeds.


The company was founded in 2014 by Joep Gommers and Raymon van der Velde. After a year of development in cooperation with financial organizations, as part of  NATO’s Cyber Security Incubator, the so-called Threat Intelligence Platform was ready to conquer Europe last year.

Former Toogethr entrepreneur Martin Voorzanger, now marketing manager of EclecticIQ, told StartupJuncture earlier that cyber security is getting higher on the agenda of most companies. And that his company has American competitors, but is the only European actor in the field.

“The romantic days of the lone hacker to discover system vulnerabilities are long gone. Organized crime syndicates and not-so-friendly regimes are attacking essential infrastructures 24 hours a day”, is the looming message of EclecticIQ.

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