Dutch startup news update: UtrechtInc, Social Impact Ventures, Alinker
5 March, 2021 by
Dutch startup news update: UtrechtInc, Social Impact Ventures, Alinker
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Here's what you need to know to stay up to date in the Dutch startup scene!

News & Updates

Incubator UtrechtInc has shared some insights on their results up to 2015: 68 percent of the 134 startups is still active today. In total UtrechtInc startups have raised 194 million euro so far and created more than 700 jobs.

The Alinker walking bike, the winsome project for everyone who wants to stay active, completed its crowdfunding campaign for the US and Canadian market. Last year it successfully was crowdfunded for the Dutch market.

The European Investment Fund is injecting 19 million euro in the Dutch VC Social Impact Ventures. Social IV now has 30 million euro in its 'war chest', meant for healthy, social businesses.

A new Dutch startup in the 'gig economy' launched: Clevergig. The Amsterdam-based company offers a solution for finding flexible workforce in hospitality. Recently the somewhat similar startup FlexAppeal got funded.

Solar window startup Physee sure chose the right time to start with their pilot. StartupJuncture last week spoke to this promising company.

Amsterdam-based cyber-security startup EclecticIQ secured an investment of 5.5 million euro from INKEF Capital and KPN Ventures.

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