Meet the 4 new startups at UtrechtInc
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Meet the 4 new startups at UtrechtInc
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This month UtrechtInc selected 4 new startups to participate in their four-month accelerated growth programme. Today was the final day of their Kick Off at UtrechtInc.

Out of 70+ applications, UtrechtInc eventually chose five startups to pitch their business. Out of those five, four startups made the cut for entering the Pressure Cooker.

4 new startups

Curious about the new startups and their founders? Check them out:


A smartphone app that connects delivery drivers and neighbourhood residents in order to quickly, easily and inexpensively arrange the receipt of packages. Environmentally friendly and cost efficient for all delivery companies and webshops.

Founder: Hans Willemse has a background in retail, logistics and IT. He was the former CIO of Ahold Europe and prior to that held a role as Vice President of Transformation Consulting at Capgemini.


Automated sleep coach based on scientific research done at Utrecht University. The app teaches users to sleep better with a series of behavioral therapy exercises completed over the course of six weeks. The app evaluates progress and adjusts the trajectory based on performance.

Founders: Robbert Jan Beun is a professor in the Informatics department at Utrecht University and he initiated the SleepCare project. He completed his doctorate in linguistics and is specialised in human-machine communication. Fiemke Griffioen is a researcher and entrepreneur with a PhD in artificial intelligence and has been working on the development of SleepCare since 2013.


Offers call centers insights to improve both organizational and individual performance, including forecasting, scheduling and online training.

Founder: Paul Prijs has a background in technology and business. He completed a bachelor in Marketing and Information Technology and studied for a year in the US where he discovered his interest in the startup world. Before Paul founded Agenses, he worked as a freelancer at InShared, Spil Games and FashionChick.


Platform for renting and swapping wheelchair-accessible (private) accommodations. It’s a platorm by and for wheelchair users to guarantee 100% accessibility. Wheelsbnb offers trustworthy vacation spots in a transparent way.

Founder: Willianne Bovens studied Business Administration and worked for Sogeti as a web consultant for clients including Leaseplan and ING. She also worked at the Staatsloterij in product innovation.

Image: UtrechtInc

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