The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) supports startups and scaleups in their international growth by a new partnership with DutchBasecamp
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The Netherlands Enterprise Agency  (RVO) supports startups and scaleups in their international growth by a new partnership with DutchBasecamp
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The Netherlands Enterprise Agency provides Dutch Start-ups and Scale-ups a golden opportunity in collaboration with DutchBasecamp. Starting in 2017 entrepreneurs who are ready to work on their international strategy can apply for individual coaching. Four experienced international entrepreneurs active in the Dutch Startup Ecosystem are ready to support these entrepreneurs in turning their international ambitions into reality.  As of today, Start-ups and Scale-ups can apply for international strategy coaching.

The DutchBasecamp foundation was founded in 2013 by Ruben Nieuwenhuizen (current director of StartupAmsterdam) to help startups scale internationally. Their non-for-profit services include workshops, bootcamps, mentoring networks, softlanding support, trade missions for startups and now individual coaching for entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their international expansion.

The DutchBasecamp scaling experts are known for their activities within organisations, accelerator and programmes such as Rockstart, StartupBootcamp, Impact Hub, StartupDelta, Postcode Lottery Green Challenge and Accenture Innovation Awards. However, prior to their business supporting roles they’ve been expanding businesses across the Dutch borders and have built businesses all around the world from the ground up. They speak about their experience and expertise at events, teach about it, have authored books, walked the walk and succeeded. Through this new SIB (Starters International Business) Individual Coaching programme, they share their experience in a tailored and mutually-committed way to their fellow ambitious entrepreneurs. Could this be you?

Sure you can learn from having a cup of coffee with your peers, and we suggest you do, but honestly, what beats 25 years of international business experience all around the globe? On top of that they’ve got experience in coaching other start-ups in their quest to success; a few examples Bleeve, 24sessions, GreenFox, Yoni, Oneplanetcrowd, WireWatt, Starters4Communities, Barqo, 42Education, Accessible Travel, Bomberbot, Eccentrade, Ipsum Energy, SMRT Projects, Cmnty, Canard Drones.

Stop holding your breath. We’ll introduce you our international business heroes:

Andre Gift has more than 16 year experience in international entrepreneurship. In 2000 he co-founded a tech company and he was responsible for the business development and international expansion in a big amount of countries across Europe. After that he was CEO of the US Division from where he further expanded into new international markets. During his leadership the company was one of the world market leaders in their niche. His international network and experience he uses nowadays as president of The Dutch chamber of commerce in the United States.

Marc Wullings has more than 10 years experience in the export of IT-related products and services and with sales abroad. One of the roles he had was building the international (EMEA) sales departments and managing global accounts for Oracle, Intralinks Enterprise Software, ING, Wellmo (Nokia Spin-Off). He uses his international experience and network to support businesses that want to enter europe with his consultancy firm SkipRed. He has a big network in Scandinavia. In between his core activities he teaches international b2b sales, international strategy and international marketing in bootcamps and workshops all around the Netherlands.

Keep on reading. We’re not there yet.

Peter Michel Heilmann (known as PM) has 27 years of international knowledge, expertise and experience as entrepreneur in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North- and South America. Example: between 2006 and 2013 co-founder and president-director of a startup with HQ in London that grew within 7 years to a scale up with offices in Athens, London, Brussels, Berlin, Zurich, Nicosia, Dubai and New York. He wrote several books and is co-founder of an international business network: bcorporation. He organizes the Amsterden and serveral other returning events in which investors meet startups. A very purpose driven entrepreneur creating positive social and climate impact through supporting innovative companies.

Willem Drost was division presidents of big Dutch and US multinational enterprises. He’s been CEO of big US enterprises with export to countries in Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Australia, the Middle East, South America and West-& East Europe. His function was not just corporate positions of big business units, it also contained building divisions and enterprises from the ground up, over and over again in new international markets. His broad international experience in business development in all important business region’s around the world he would like to put to use by coaching startups to expand abroad. He’s won the StartupBootcamp Mentor of the Year Award. You’re in good hands.

Costs? The Netherlands Enterprise Agency supports startups in their international growth. When you meet their conditions, they’ve got you covered: check it here.

Who? Ambitious entrepreneurs ready to scale up internationally


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