Dutch Startup News: Mypo, 42workspace, MiniBrew, SiteGeny, PR.co, Booking Booster
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Dutch Startup News: Mypo, 42workspace, MiniBrew, SiteGeny, PR.co, Booking Booster
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What was last weeks Dutch startup news buzz all about? We’ve listed all the important happenings for you.

News & Updates

PR.co improved its services

pr.co: More powerful interface & navigation from prco on Vimeo.

PR.co launched a new user interface and better user experience. A more efficient workflow and easier way to collaborate with multiple users in one channel, they’ve listened carefully to their consumers wishes. PR.co pivoted and changed their model several times and we’re happy to see they still play around, professionalising their services.

Booking Booster
Last week the finalists of the Booking Booster, Booking’s accelerator program, were announced. In only three weeks startups had the chance to build a sustainable business plan and compete for a €500.000 reward. Unfortunately none of the winning participants were from Holland, but we congratulate the winners: Backstreet Academy (South East Asia) and Authenticook (India) got their full scaling funding needs granted of €400,000 and €200,000.
The other startups that are being awarded part of their requested grants are: Seabin Project (Australia & Spain) for €350k; Local Alike (Thailand) for €300k; Awake (Colombia) for €300k; Good Hotel Group for €300k; and Desolenator.org (Global) for €150k. The demo-day doesn’t mean the end of Booking support: all participants can still rely on Booking’s advice for the next six to nine months ahead and we’re sure this wasn’t the last Booking Booster program!

MiniBrew embraces fathers
MiniBrew is on a roll. After a new investment round, they know how to respond to emotions with the ‘Who’s Your Daddy campaign‘. The competition offers children to brew a special beer for their father. A smart way of getting some tasty beer recipe inspiration, user generated content the new way!

SiteGeny to replace webdesigners
It’s a pretty strong message, claiming your startup will replace webdesigners. It’s what SiteGeny implicates. The startup offers personalised, professionally designed websites based on information you’ve published on your social media channels like Facebook. Interesting? Yes! Killing webdesigners? Ambitious!


Mypo mailbox
The Amsterdam-based startup Mypo raised €500.000 to expand the personal mailbox for all your deliveries at home you would normally miss when you’re not at home.

SmartFunding guides startups during their quest for investment

Dirk-Jan Weijers opens a new Amsterdam-based funding company called SmartFunding for startups and scale-ups, to guide them through the process of searching the right financial construction for their business and investments. Weijers created a financial mix matching the startups’ business model. He thinks many startups apply for investment way to early, before they have a proven business model. Every startup in the need for independent financial advice, looking for funding between 250.000 and 5 million euro is welcome to consult SmartFunding.

Monday Reads

ICO’s are the new big thing when it comes to financing your startup. Kik recently decided to opt for an ICO instead of venture fundraising, read why.

Bitcoin startup Blockchain (as if it’s not confusing enough, NOT the technology blockchain, but the British company) received an investment of $40 million fresh funding in a series-B. It’s the biggest fin-tech investment in the UK since Brexit.

Google stops scanning gmail accounts for advertising purposes. If you have a free Google account, Google used to scan your content to show personalised ads. It decided to stop this service for the sake of potential corporate clients. It still scans your content though!

Interested in the latest acquirement information? Check acquiredby.co

Peter Thiel backed up N26, the German bank disrupting startup, to expand the business with insurance services.

Travel startups are rarely unique, although Startup Keypr might be onto something. It helps hotels to offer mobile, keyless check-ins and raised a $19million series A funding. They think voice-based functionality is the future. An interesting (long read) about the hospitality industry and other promising travel startups.

Source: StartupJuncture

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