How to restrict the visibility of website pages?
30 September, 2022 by
How to restrict the visibility of website pages?
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1. Create a web page for company A on your website
2. Create Helpdesk team for company A
3. Create the ticket form on the newly created web page:
a) Select: “Create a Ticket” in the field “Action”
b) Select: “Company A” in the field “Helpdesk Team”
4. Create a group of portal users in Settings > Users & Companies > Groups:
a) Application: Website
b)Name: company name
c)Users: insert all the employees linked to this company (possible to import users)
d) Views:
i. The page view: View Name: “Company A”
ii. Add Wysiwyg Editor & Wysiwyg Editor Assets for html field (style-inline)

5. Go onto the website to make the newly created web page invisible to other groups of users:
a) Pages / Manage pages
b) Click on the “Manage this page” settings icon for the page in question
c) Click on Publish
d) Visibility: Some Users
e) Select the previously created group: Website / Company A

6. Publish the page.
7. Test to see if everything works fine.

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