Weekly startup news update: Nestpick’s trouble, Unicorns and Dutch Design Week
5 March, 2021 by
Weekly startup news update: Nestpick’s trouble, Unicorns and Dutch Design Week
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Here’s what happened last week in the Dutch startup scene:


WHOA! Dutch startups have raised more money this year for the second consecutive quarter. According to our quarterly overview, there were 33 deals for a total of 174.2 million euro in Q3.

European Space Agency (ESA) spinout Skytree received 400.000 euro from Dutch VC InvestinFuture to literally bring its space technology to your home.

Two weeks after being featured on Product Hunt, a platform for finding the best new products, hiring platform Recruitee closes a significant funding round with three informal investors.


The University of Utrecht and incubator UtrechtInc. have received a 600.000 euro grant from the Lokaal Economisch Fonds to facilitate sustainable startups. 600 m2 space will be available in the so-called UtrechtInc Garage from the beginning of 2016. (Link in Dutch).

After the take-over by Rocket Internet, room-rent startup Nestpick seems to be on shaky ground. Founder Fabian Dudek tells Duitslandnieuws.nl about (too) fast growth, decreasing employees and troublesome clients. (Link in Dutch)

Big data startup Clocktimizer is the winner of the Legal Tech Startup Awards for innovators in the legal sector. The startup designed business intelligence software that helps to analyze business operations. (Link in Dutch)


Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven 2015 runs from October 17th – 25th. The whole city centre offers a vast program including exhibitions, presentations, experimental sessions, seminars, lectures and workshops, meet ‘n greets, parties, food and drinks.

The Accenture Innovation Awards 2015 will be awarded October 30th

Check out all events on our special events page

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