These 12 startups pitched during HighTechXL XL Day
5 March, 2021 by
These 12 startups pitched during HighTechXL XL Day
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Eindhoven-based accelerator HighTechXL‘s demoday, called XL Day, highlighted 12 startups. The theme this year: Universal Changemakers.

Check out these 12 ‘hightech’ startups, ready to take on the market. In order of pitching:

Hugsy – a high-tech baby blanket.

Otis Insight/Rowcoaching – tracking for rowing.

Spinal Tech/Lia – a wearable for better body posture.

Oriense – high tech precision navigation for the blind .

Sustonable – composite stone made of recycled plastic. This startup got funded.

IPOS – communication between horse and rider.

Crayonic – a safe digital signature.

Onera – a sleep tracking patch .

Ovao – a virtual swimming coach.

Uscoutfor – real-time insight to players and trainers by video algorithm. It’s the only not-product startup in this year’s batch.

Uvisio – a personal sun protection system .

Berkelbike – a bike designed for spinal cord injury patients.

Image: The team of Ovao

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