Syneratio first startup in residence at StartupDelta
5 March, 2021 by
Syneratio first startup in residence at StartupDelta
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StartupDelta welcomes Syneratio as its first Startup in Residence. The most promising startups will cooperate with StartupDelta to learn from each other and to grow nationwide. 

The Startup in Residence Programme has one simple purpose: to further enhance our understanding of the challenges and barriers startups encounter at all stages of growth. We will invite a different startup to share our office with us at B.Amsterdam every two months. "By having a startup in our midst whose mission is close to the StartupDelta mission to accelerate the startup ecosystem, we will be able to learn from that startup and the residing startup will also be able to benefit from StartupDelta's network and guidance", StartupDelta states.

Syneratio, founded by Fabian Aardoom and Jorin Aardoom, provides its clients with insights into what research projects are being worked on worldwide in their area of interest. By signing up to Syneratio's online platform, companies, universities, students and individuals can keep track of what research or analysis is being planned or conducted globally. Through clever algorithms clients are connected to the right sources and the brightest minds and are able to reduce the cost and length of research and development projects considerably. "This way, you don't have to 'reinvent the wheel'", said Fabian Aardoom. "We found it particularly strange that the smartest people where barely working together. With Syneratio, you can!", he added. 

So in short, Syneratio helps to bring businesses and science closer together – something that's close to StartupDelta's mission: connecting and accelerating entrepreneurship in Western Europe.

Syneratio's co-founders are looking forward to working with StartupDelta to represent the interests of the Dutch startup ecosystem. "We are proud to get this opportunity. We have a lot of energy to spare in working together with StartupDelta for the next few months", says Jorin Aardoom. 

For more information about the Startup in Residence Programme, email us at [email protected].

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