Startups who do good: Sharepeople, LipoCoat and Startup in Residence
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Startups who do good: Sharepeople, LipoCoat and Startup in Residence
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Startups always tend to solve a problem, big or small. Airbnb for example solved the problem of affordable local housing, Uber disrupted the in Holland very unpopular taxi culture etc. Recently, solving a problem only for your users/customers doesn’t seem to be enough. It has to have social value. Therefore we highlight startup initiatives who do good, as we absolutely encourage this. Let’s make the world a better place, together!


A growing issue in The Netherlands: many freelancers (also called ZZP’ers) don’t have insurances or retirement arrangements. Specially disability insurances are an issue. When the entrepreneur gets sick or involved in an accident, there is no safety net or any settlement they could claim. SharePeople is a startup who likes to tackle this issue by launching a risk-sharing platform. Cosmas Blaauw and Rutger Abbink are the founders and think this is a great way for freelancers to pay off their risk. If everybody pays a bit, in the end there will be enough capital for the ones who need it. If this works for this specific insurance, Blaauw and Abbink believe this is applicable for all insurances freelancers don’t have at the moment and that’s where their ambition is. SharePeople is one of the startups participating in the Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living 2017.

Lipocoat nano-technology battling hospital infections

When you think about hospitals, you think about getting better. Although nowadays, life-threatening infections are still a huge risk and cause of sickness or worse. Lipocoat received 600.000 euro seed funding to battle these bacterial infections. The nano-tech startup created a bacteria repelling coat based on nanotechnology, that should give bacterias on medical devices such as catheters and implants no chance. A lifesaving startup, if that isn’t doing good?! Calling all medical/nanotech investors: if you really want to make a difference, this is where to put your money!

Startup in Residence

The Amsterdam government is calling out all startups who’d like to participate and help the city improve. Startup in Residence will be held for the third time this autumn and again the city council has written out 20 social issues startups can help solving. What to do about food waste? How to involve refugees into local society? How could Amsterdam become a circulair city? Startups can apply until October 8 and feel free to make their city a better place.

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