Startup Fest Europe: Day 3 recap
5 March, 2021 by
Startup Fest Europe: Day 3 recap
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The third day of Startup Fest Europe: The Next Web, Campus Party, Energy Fest, Our Future Health, F&A Next. Events and tents just keep on coming!

Campus Party

If we may believe Twitter, hundreds of hackers have set up their tents for Campus Party Utrecht, an all-week-long  24-hours-a-day technology event. (We will report from there on Friday!) "Thousands of 'campuseros' including geeks, nerds, designers, developers, gamers, hackers, scientists, startups and other fans of Internet and technology will all come together during intense days of networking and activities such as hackathons." – the organisation says.

Energy Fest

Energy Fest, an event hosted by Shell, DSM, Eneco, Rockstart and Sungevity at the Shell Technology Centre in Amsterdam, just kicked-off. Dutch and international players from the energy industry discuss how start-ups and corporates in the energy domain can collaborate more effectively to enhance the speed of innovation in the sector.

Our Future Health

REshape Center at the Radboud University Medical Center is organising 'Our Future Health' – bringing together innovators from across the biomedical and technology spectrum, including Dutch Minister of Health, Edith Schippers.

F&A Next (Day 2)

Did you know that the Netherlands is the second biggest food exporter of the world? Secretary of state Martijn van Dam (Economic Affairs) did, and gave a speech at the sector's event F&A Next in Wageningen. He spoke about the world's growing population and the need to keep innovating in the food sector. "If we keep producing as we’ve been doing in past decades, we’ll need around four earths to feed everyone. So we’re not only aiming to double productivity, but to do that using half the inputs we do now", he said. "There’s no country better equipped to deal with these challenges than the Netherlands. Limited by our size, innovation is second nature to us. Now we need to use that knowledge to do the best things differently. By combining agrifood knowledge with know-how from other sectors. By making new combinations. It’s like the farmer and the engineer. The knowledge in their heads needs to come together before it can be programmed into a machine." The president of the university of Wageningen also announced funds to continue stimulating innovation in the sector and region.

The Next Web Conference 2016

Read out report from day 1 of The Next Web Conference. Highlights: a loaded fund for European startups, Peerby, Impraise, Giphy, Tech 5 and… toilet paper. StartupJuncture will report from StartupFest Europe all week. We will be present at a lot of (the over 30) events throughout The Netherlands. Stay up to date on the latest via our recap reports each day. Questions, cool photos or suggestions? Just Tweet to @StartupJuncture. Recap Day 2 Recap Day 1

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