Startup Bootcamp Smart City & Living Demoday
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Startup Bootcamp Smart City & Living Demoday
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During the fifth Startup Bootcamp (SBC) Demo day, the accelerator’s last participants in Smart City & Living presented themselves at Restaurant B.Amsterdam in a slightly smaller setting. Is intimacy the new demoday trend?

Different Demoday setup

Demodays normaly have a pretty standard setup. As much potential investors and audience as possible, cheering startups. After hopping many different and impressive locations, program and alumni manager Marc Wesselink decided to go for a change. Less invitees, shorter pitch times and a more intimate, not too theatrical setting. The more intimate setting should help everyone to feel way more involved and connected. It’s pretty refreshing to change a proven concept, it’s daring to change a ‘winning formula’.

Smart City & Living Demoday

Who participated in the accelerator last quarter and what did they come up with? A list of all the pitches:

    • Coavmi (France) is a flight-sharing platform. It connects private pilots with passengers willing to share a private flight and its costs. The platform is already operative in France, UK and Germany with 10K active users. A personal favourite, because the fun pretty much exploited regular flights
    • KAKIS (Slovenia). Positive sanitation aims to become the most sustainable outdoor (public) toilet. The wooden outdoor composting toilets provide a natural circle without waste. Perfect for events and festivals! In Amsterdam they did a trial at Vondelpark, which was very successful and now they are talking to major event organizers. They really have their shit together!
    • Leave Your Luggage (Netherlands) tries to change peoples’ mindset considering traveling with luggage. They offer door-to-door luggage delivery within all major cities worldwide. This reduces the luggage handling for airport passengers and supports airport security. For the traveler, it’s super convenient to travel ‘hands-free’ and this might be a great opportunity for airlines too. This summer Schiphol has major issues handling all the passengers and requests them to not travel with checkin luggage to save time. Leave Your Luggage is in pilot now, operational with 1500 payed users to test and tweak its service
    • Mahlzeit (Germany) helps people connect over lunch at work and save time queing for food. It’s the first tech company providing a native mobile application theme to larger enterprises. Schiphol Group and E.ON are participants in their pilot
    • Mr. Clouseau (Netherlands) is an indoor positionling system, as they belief position is the context you need to fully engage your visitors, empower your employees and optimise your organisation. Bringing the digital world into brick and mortar venues with 3D technology
    • Visitt by onh (Israel). Facility maintenance is a unique, fragmented industry and that’s exactly where Visitt jumps in. It bridges the gaps of communication, offering a single online space where both management, suppliers, workers and facilitiy users can communicate and collaborate. Transparent and clear insights of that needs to be done where and by whom. Successfully operating in Israel, starting pilots in the Netherlands and one in Germany, Visitt might have jumped onto something big
    • Orkestro (United Kingdom) is a fully automated and data driven delivery service helping online retailers boosting their sales conversions and customer retention. Already succesfully operating in London, now piloting in Amsterdam. Reminds us of Lightspeed a little!
    • Porter (Portugal) helps you opening doors using a smartphone. From office door, parking barrier or hotel room, one app opens all. Already launching next month to their first customers and actively running a Leapfunder campaign, they think they’ve found a way to show their magic with a digital ‘Simsalabim’
    • Bike2Work (Latvia) is an office bike sharing platform, helping to reduce health care and mobility costs this way. They’ve already teamed up with co-working spaces in Amsterdam and expect to expand to larger corporates within the next week. Any biking startup in The Netherlands should be able to make it right?!
    • SharePeople (Netherlands) is a risk-sharing platform. Sharing risks by the crowd, without expensive insurance companies involved. The first product was already launched: income protection for independent professionals. A startup jumping on the trend of out serving expensive middlemen’s, we like!

As I’m very much into travel, my personal favorites are Coavmi and LeaveYourLuggage, although Sharepeople is onto something good too.

Photocredits: Xander Mouthaan

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