StartMonday wins IBM Watson pitch competition
5 March, 2021 by
StartMonday wins IBM Watson pitch competition
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On the second floor at B.Amsterdam, more than 230 people watched the 10 selected companies pitch before a star panel with executives from TNW, Startupbootcamp and IBM Watson. The video recruitment app from StartMonday was selected as winner which means that their solution will be "powered by IBM Watson" as part of the IBM Watson Ecosystem program. StartMonday, who participated in the Accelerator program of Startupbootcamp in 2014 is ready to disrupt the recruitment market!

StartMonday is brining "first impressions" to the beginning of the recruitment process with video. No more guessing what candidates are like from a plain CV or resume. The video intros are short and powerful – 15 seconds – unlike lengthy video interview tools. Job seekers record video with the StartMonday app. Hiring companies review application videos wherever and whenever they like – from a powerful desktop web app or from a mobile device.

By using powerful cognitive API's from IBM Watson, StartMonday is able to take this solution to the next level and create a truly disruptive "powered by IBM Watson" app. With Watson Services such as "Concept Insights," "Retrieve and Rank," and "Personality Insights", job requirements and resumes  can be analyzed and categorized more accurately. Matching can be optimized by using personality profiles of candidates based on their online presence. These Watson services result in more accurate matches and an improved recruitment experience.

StartMonday is now invited to participate in the IBM Watson Ecosystem program. Watson Ecosystem partners immediately tap into the support and capabilities offered by the IBM network, brand, and expertise.. Partners also have the opportunity to collaborate with renowned Watson researchers and technologists developing the next generation of cognitive technologies. In the coming weeks StartupMonday will work with the IBM Watson team to create a truly disruptive recruitment experience!

Many thanks to Amsterdam Capital Week, B.Amterdam, StartupDelta and Startupbootcamp for partnering with us!

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