Spil Games founder invests in fitness app Fitmo
5 March, 2021 by
Spil Games founder invests in fitness app Fitmo
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Peter Driessen, founder of games producer Spil Games, invests in Amsterdam based fitness app startup Fitmo.

Driessen bought an undisclosed share in the startup to help Fitmo grow in the next 12 months and attract international investors.

“Peter is an experienced entrepreneur that has the expertise we need to take the next steps”, says Fitmo co-founder Steijn Pelle.

Driessen got involved with Fitmo for its “interesting concept in a growing health market”, he says.

Personal trainer

The people behind Fitmo developed an app that takes the personal trainer online and mobile. It allows users to train with an experienced coach that sets up a tailored program and advice, for example via video calls.

The startup raised €1.2M in funding from informal investors last year and signed a deal with consumer technology company Jawbone, known for its Fitness Up wristband.

Fitmo also announced it has attracted Martijn de Kuijper (Founder of Yuno and Fosbury) as well as Bram Kanstein (Founder Startup Stash) to join the team.

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