Skytree gets 400.000 euro to capture CO2 in homes
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Skytree gets 400.000 euro to capture CO2 in homes
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European Space Agency (ESA) spinout Skytree received 400.000 euro from Dutch VC InvestinFuture to literally bring its space technology to your home.

The story behind Skytree, formerly known as Giaura, is one about patience. The 70 million euro research behind the technology already started back in 1996 at ESA and lasted 15 years.

The startup offers a solution to capture CO2, emitted from breathing astronauts, because high levels of CO2 in small spaces are dangerous. In 2016/2017, Skytree’s technology will be implemented in the International Space Station.

Skytree in your house

The reason for the investment is because Skytree wants to bring its space technology to Earth as well, at home level. The technology captures CO2 directly from the air in a way very similar to trees who convert this CO2 into oxygen.

The main difference is that Skytree re-uses the CO2 – for managing the air quality indoors, to grow plants or to clean aquariums for instance.


Founder of Skytree, Max Beaumont, said that the investment will be used to develop the technology even further to quickly grow. Also the startup wants to hire new people and get more lab equipment.

Edgard Creemers from InvestInFuture said: “We believe in Skytree’s concept to contribute to a better environment and reduce the use of CO2 cylinders.”

Last year Skytree/Giaura entered Investment Ready, a 4-month programme aimed at sustainable startups that create global impact. The startup also received 244.000 euro in two crowdfunding rounds through Leapfunder.

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