Rockstart’s new digital health companies: from Africa to Amsterdam
5 March, 2021 by
Rockstart’s new digital health companies: from Africa to Amsterdam
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Amsterdam-based accelerator Rockstart just announced its second Digital Health class, including ten startups from four different continents. The 180-day Digital Health programme is focused on the launch of products and getting ready for a growth investment. At the end of the program the companies present themselves during Demo Day.

“I’m really excited we could attract health founders from countries like the Philippines, Zambia and the United States,” says Rune Theill, CEO of Rockstart. “The Netherlands is one of Europe’s leading markets for digital health services and with government tax benefits, innovation credits and grants, this is an ideal place for startups to build and scale their businesses.”

Meet the new teams

BabyMoon (Moldova) develops a biomonitoring system for premature babies that combines skin-to-skin care with real-time vital sign tracking and analysis.

EyeSense (Egypt) introduces an assistant for people with visual and cognitive impairment, building an artificial intelligence application that uses deep learning-based computer vision to recognize objects and facial features without the need for an internet connection.

GoClinic (Germany) is a mobile platform for hospitals and patients, aiming to provide transparency during the patient’s hospital stay, by digitizing preparation and admission processes.

Healthbit (Belgium) is a clinical analytics company that develops predictive health software to support caregivers in clinical decision making for better diagnosis of critical medical conditions.

MedInReal (France) offers a virtual medical training to help save lives. The education and training platform provides an arena to train and learn for everyone.

Renal Tracker (Philippines) provides patients with the tools to track and limit their food and pairs them with a renal nurse, dietitian, or doctor to help them manage their kidney disease.

SmartBridge (US) wants to transform the way financial sponsors invest and create value. Venture capital and private equity clients leverage a peer-to-peer learning platform to connect with physicians.

SONOVR (Netherlands) wants to revolutionize positive psychology with virtual reality applications for coaching, mental health & self-improvement.

Teledoctor (Zambia) ia an  mHealth organization that provides innovative solutions for the health and wellness needs of the continent.

Totem Open Health Sensor (Netherlands) enables healthcare innovation by making an open source ecosystem – hardware and software for research, prevention, care and cure.

Image Credit: TechMed Proeftuin

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