Rockstart presents new Web and Mobile class
5 March, 2021 by
Rockstart presents new Web and Mobile class
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Startup accelerator Rockstart presented a new class of its Web and Mobile class of 2016 on Thursday, varying from a pharmaceutical marketplace and an online wealth management system to infographic visualization tools.

“I’m really excited about this diverse group of startups. They have the common goal to make the difficult easy, removing friction across international markets”, program director Rutger van Waveren said in a statement.

The ten teams

Chasing Spaces, an online marketplace for temporary retail space and pop-up shops.

HealthyRoad, using biometric facial technology to detect physical states to reduce the two main causes of road accidents: distraction and the drowsiness at the wheel.

Otly!, a virtual bank for kids run by mum and dad.

Playtest helps game developers get fast feedback from players.

Pipelinepharma, a B2B marketplace that reduces the amount of time pharmaceutical executives spend searching for products and negotiating agreements.

Surance, is a personal online wealth manager that helps people realize their financial goals., a drop-in content management service based on Javascript that doesn’t require real programming.

TIQ automates a timesheet by capturing work activities and generating overviews of the time you spent on specific clients, projects or tasks.

Whatagraph, a visualization tool that turns Google Analytics data into presentation-ready infographics.

WordKik, a parental control app that gives parents the ability to limit and monitor their children’s online access and behavior.

The Web and Mobile Accelerator program will take 150 days and is focused on developing business fundamentals such as  understanding customers, product development and growth. A Demo Day will take place at the end of June.

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