Report platform 2032 recommends digital skills in Dutch education
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Report platform 2032 recommends digital skills in Dutch education
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Report platform 2032 recommends digital skills in Dutch education

Digital technology is changing the way we live, work, communicate and learn. Looking at countries like the UK, Finland, Estonia, digital skills, including coding, have become a normal part of the curriculum in schools. This way children cannot only improve the way they are interacting with the digitisation in the world around them. They can also shape the digital world around them.
In the Netherlands an important step has been made. On Saturday January 22 the report onderwijs2032 has been presented to State Secretary Sander Dekker. It encloses an advice for renewal of the curriculum in education.

The platform advises the State Secretary to implement digital skills as a compulsory element in the educational curriculum. This is very positive, but is it enough? An important tool within developing these skills is coding. Many schools in the Netherlands are offering coding classes already to their pupils. To give this an extra boost, StartupDelta, together with 30 industrial players have made a pact, Codepact, to be able to offer guest lectures, coding classes, learning materials and training sessions for teachers. More infornation on

Neelie Kroes says: "We have an unprecedented shortage of talent that can program. As a result startups and many other companies aren’t able to find the right staff.  This   obstructs them from growing and expanding their business and creating more jobs. Teaching coding as part of digital skills early in the classroom will turn this problem into an opportunity. It will stimulate children to develop digital skills and to grow up to be problem-solving and self-reliant human beings.

The presentation of the report has found place at the Stanislas college in Delft. On a livestream is broadcasted.

Watch this video and you will be convinced that all schools should start coding!


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