PortXL adds 11 new startups to accelerator and partners with Symbid
5 March, 2021 by
PortXL adds 11 new startups to accelerator and partners with Symbid
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Accelerator for logistics, harbour and port related startup PortXL this week presented their new batch of 11 startups. The Rotterdam-based accelerator also announced a partnership with Symbid.

Out of twenty, the following eleven startups were selected:

  • – Njord Filtration System : no website yet
    Improves the quality of diesel so that soot, NOx and CO2 emissions are reduced.
  • 4Shipping
    4shipping provides a chartering app specific for inland waterway transport.
  • Green Sea Guard
    Green Sea Guard provides a system to track ship exhaust emissions, transmitting data collected
    from the ship’s exhaust, and sending it to a secure server.
  • Sagar Defence
    Sagar Defence creates an autonomous ocean robot/vehicle. Sitting at the surface, the robot is capable of collecting ocean data real-time.
  • Feo AR
    Augmented Reality platform to supercharge engineers on board of vessels with an extra pair of
    eyes, brains and memory.
  • MedAssist.Online
    Offers applications to support with the provision of medical care at sea.
  • AlterAct
    AlterAct creates immersive learning solutions for safety training using virtual reality.
  • McNetiq
    McNetiq has developed a way of making safe connections with magnets.
  • LiquidGold
    A waterless urinal system to keep human urine separate from the rest of the wastewater stream.
  • Radiant Fleet
    A software platform that helps with the communication between several actors in de port industry.
  • DeepSix
    DeepSix aims to lower the barrier-to-entry of deep sea exploration with low-cost drones.


The startups will present their progress on a demoday called PortXL Shakedown on June 22. Last year’s first Shakedown went off to a fine start.


New this year is the cooperation between PortXL and crowdfunding platform Symbid. Together, they want to make it easier and more efficient for start-ps from PortXL to raise capital by presenting them to a large group of potential investors through this platform. The organization must have been inspired by Startupbootcamp: that accelerator is also having such a partnership with angel investment platform Leapfunder.

Image source: PortXL / via Sagardefense

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