Part-up raises 650.000 euro to further organize temporary teams
5 March, 2021 by
Part-up raises 650.000 euro to further organize temporary teams
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The Hague-based Part-up, the online platform for temporary teams, today announced they raised 650.000 euro by a group of twelve informal investors.

The investors each become co-owner of the newly created cooperative Part-Up Coöperatie U.A. (U.A. stands for excluded liability), the release said.

"We chose for this structure because in the end we want a lot of users become co-owners", says co-founder Laurens Waling to StartupJuncture. "This construction allows investors to easily step in or out of the company, without the hassle of a notary. We believe in decentralized, liquid forms of organizations. A shared ownership fits this idea."

Part-up facilitates temporary teams and projects, and by doing so, is rather not thinking of work in the paradigm of companies and jobs. It therefore calls itself a social enterprise. The startup lets anyone 'organize without being an organization.'

Part-up investment

The funding will be used to further develop the platform. Mainly the matching algorithm for finding team members will be improved. Last year 215.000 euro was raised to officially launch. Today the startup also launched their iOS and Android apps, calling it a 'Whatsapp for creating project teams'. The team also has the ambition to expand internationally.

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