Now on The Corporate Launchpad
5 March, 2021 by
Now on The Corporate Launchpad
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Do you want to start collaborating with a corporate or a startup? Are you excited to learn more about valuable collaborations between start-ups and corporates in the Netherlands? As of today, you can find it all on the Corporate Launchpad. Browse to this new tool on Create a profile, tell everyone what you are looking for in a potential new collaboration and what you have to offer. Let the connecting begin!

The Corporate Launchpad tool on allows you to browse through different corporate and startup profiles and connect with them or to be found by potential partners. You can also share your news and experiences on corporate/startup collaboration directly on the Launchpad in showcases or messages. Get inspiration from the examples of successful collaborations between startups and corporates on the ‘showcase’ page and learn what others have to offer you (or upload a showcase of your own!).

For those of you who want to learn how to scout the right partners or building a joint venture: the Launchpad will soon offer you some tools and services from startups, corporates and tool- or service providers which might come in handy.

Is your company ready for takeoff? See you on the Launchpad!

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