New startup launches in The Netherlands (Aug-Sep 2016)
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New startup launches in The Netherlands (Aug-Sep 2016)
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Check out the 10 most notable startup launches from The Netherlands for the months August and September. Launching soon? Just let us know when your startup launches via team @!


Wuunder is an app that lets you send nearly anything, from packages to pallets. It automatically shows the best and cheapest options available. It also lets you chat with the carrier.


GuestReady is one of the many startups offering services to hosts using Airbnb. It had its Amsterdam launch in August, next to launches in London, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.


MeLoveRadio, founded by Reinier Hamstra and Maarten Rein, is a controversial startup. The startup is called a hybrid between broadcast and streaming radio. Even a missing link: with one click you can add music you heard on radio stations to your personal YouTube or Spotify feed. The company says it doesn't have to pay any digital rights, because they 'just connect'. Not everyone agrees though. It sure is pushing boundaries – we love that.


Need a new roomie? With Roomeasy, the 'Tinder for roommates'. Obviously, it is aimed at students looking for a room in a student house. No more need to type long applications, or no longer reading them. It's simplifying the search on both sides for sure. Just swipe!


Also a startup that loves swiping, is Swibblr. It lets you swipe to create a new outfit. This fashion app was founded by Vagner da Graca and Michel Frissen.


Vincent van Leeuwen (SNTMNT), Radboud Rijpkema and Laurens van Leeuwen launched a new box subscription startup: WineClub. With the box people can host their very own wine tasting party at home. Cheers!


Paying your friends with just a click on a link, it certainly has been done before. Florin, co-founded by Bas de Vries (20), is the latest addition to the Dutch fintech landscape. It already has some traction with students from Amsterdam and Utrecht. Noteworthy: De Vries quit his study to fully focus on Florin.

Edutainment Games – Ludimo

Educational game startup Edutainment Games last week launched Ludimo, their first game that learns along with and adapts to the level of scholars. It's no secret children are getting worse in math, so this game might help! Both parents and kids can track their learning curve. has an ambitious goal: to remove the clutter of information. So the spinoff company from the University of Twente created a platform for curating content. Impressive stuff, check it out!


Flamyngo, founded by Maarten Graven, is a social travel app. He previously was the founder of Cityshare, that went bankrupt last year. Now he is back, trying again. He surely learned from his previous company: with Flamyngo you can ask for travel tips, while peers doesn't necessarily have to install the app. Image: Unsplash/Pixabay

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