Mobility Lab selected 16 finalists to help solve mobility issues
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Mobility Lab selected 16 finalists to help solve mobility issues
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Mobility Lab is an initiative of and Verkeersonderneming and with their motto ‘no bullshit, but test it’ they give startups the possibility to test products and services on a real location with critical test users who’re willing to share their feedback and experiences.

Accelerating with location and support

Mobility Lab supports startups in the next few months finding a test location, financing of €25.000, help in marketing and communication, contacts with potential clients and investors and scaling. In June 2018 they will present their achievements. Main goal of Mobility Lab is create space for new and innovative ideas that contribute to better accessibility and mobility.

The 16 finalists in Mobility Lab

There were 35 startups applying for a spot in Mobility Lab and only 16 startups could earn a place. They will be facilitated with test locations in Rotterdam and Northern-Brabant.

The 16 finalists:

Ezy Mobility
A service provider specialized in wireless charging solutions for electric cars, buses, trucks and virtually any vehicle using a battery. They promise to be the next phase in e-mobility.

Blue Line Logistics
An alternative logistical platform for palletized goods using inland waterways. The concept gives a response to the road congestion in area’s served by inland waterways.

Access to on-demand, electric mobility via the Amber Mobility app. It’s the freedom of owning a car, without the cost and hassle.

Sustainable bike bridges made from biocomposite; fast, flexible and affordable, demountable and displaceable, for bikes and pedestrians. An easier way to create (temporary) bridges.

The innovative bike stalling that’s easy accessible with a personalised access card like the ov-chipcard or a bankcard. The boxes are suitable for offices, shopping centers, schools, universities and all other places that suffer from massive and hard to control bike parkings.

Reserved carpacking spots – we’ve reached out for more information about the startup.

Felyx offers shared e-scooters at 30c/min and is a cheap, easy and flexible way to find your way through town. It perfectly suits todays sharing economy.

CycleSpark CargoBikeXL offers a clean and smart city logistic solution, transporting cargo by a transformed bike. The bike can transport smaller cargo in busy streets and on shorter distances.

Couriers are always on the go, so why not use them if they already are on the way in the right direction? The nearest courier heading in the right direction can be booked to pick-up your package and deliver it on its route.

Bike sharing companies aren’t new, but FlickBike is the first Dutch dock-less bike sharing company. There are already many issues with local regulations in Amsterdam, where they claim they cause nuisance, but it could also become the worthy successor of the ‘witte fietsenplan’ in the ’60ies.

Smartmile Solution
Pickup parcels whenever wherever you want to. Not depending on the courier anymore. It’s not the first startup jumping on the package issue and Amazon could give them a hard job after announcing its Amazon Keys service today, but we believe innovation comes from varies parties and there’s plenty of space for multiple players.

Drive small, think big. The small city car claims it’s the most flexible four wheeler, transporting driver and guest in a comfortable way from A to B.

A fastlane for bikes. We’ve reached out for more information.

Is a social networking app for 50+ people, to stimulate them to meet new people on- and offline. It’s a group known to be quite lonely, a problem Klup hopes to solve.

Another startup who wants to change the courier industry by making a courier from everybody who’s willing too.

Autonomous shared electric shuttle busses, meant for transport of smaller groups or individuals to schools, campus, hospitals, the airport or hotels. A cleaner way of people transport. The startup is already active in other countries and succeeded several trials with the shuttle.

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