Meet the 8 new startups in ACE Venture Lab’s incubator
5 March, 2021 by
Meet the 8 new startups in ACE Venture Lab’s incubator
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Last week Amsterdam incubator ACE Venture Lab prepared for a new batch of science & high tech startups. Ten startups worked all week to pitch their business – eight companies survived the cut.

Prior to the cut, the startups were in a one-week training programme. Ten minute pitches were held in front of a professional jury. In November the next batch of companies will be prepared. For now: these are the 8 new startups in the ACE Venture Lab incubator.


Usersat provides a new and more reliable approach to evaluate user satisfaction specifically for mobile devices, allowing their customers to better evaluate and adjust their mobile app designs. This startup ended first in the pitches!


Curatrix helps diabetes patients measure their blood sugar levels throughout the day without any pain, leading them to measure more often and reduce long-term health effects of diabetes.


Feelty (formerly known as Tasst) gives deaf-blind institutionalized clients a means of communication over a distance with their caretaker, helping the caretaker respond to needs and dividing their time better among clients.


Umance connects data from existing tools to their prediction model, which calculates injury risks of individual football players to help prevent injuries.


Loqed allows consumers to receive packages when they are not home with the Loqed Smart Lock. The lock protects your home from burglars and adds the convenience of a keyless entry.


Milestone is a cross-border investment fund in crowdfunded assets. They provide an efficient way to invest in P2P finance.

Benchmark Solutions

Benchmark Solutions offers financial planning software for individuals, companies and institutions.


OnTrack (formerly known as Gritt) helps startups to unlock their full potential by providing data-driven insights in their team performance with a self-learning tool that tracks and predicts startup team performance.

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