Meet the 5 finalists of Postcode Lottery Green Challenge’s 10th edition
5 March, 2021 by
Meet the 5 finalists of Postcode Lottery Green Challenge’s 10th edition
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Since 2007 the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge has celebrated sustainable and impactful businesses. This year the tenth edition of the election features five finalists.

Last year Land Life Company (founded by Jurriaan Ruys) won the 500.000 euro main prize. After the first Green Challenge it was the first Dutch startup in a while to win the election. Who will step in their shoes (and leaves no carbon footprint) this year?

Have a look at the 5 finalists. They will pitch their business on September 14 in the grand finale.

Green City Solutions (Germany)

By Denes Honus
Green City Solutions makes clean urban air profitable. Their vision is to mitigate climate change and fight air pollution through a highly intelligent and profitable climate infrastructure for sustainable and liveable cities of tomorrow.

HomeBiogas (Israel)

By Hilla Benzaken
HomeBiogas developed and fielded an efficient, affordable, user-friendly and cost effective household biogas system. They sell an appliance that converts organic waste into clean cooking gas and into liquid natural fertilizer, while maintaining high safety and health standards. The startup is going into mass production soon.

Ioniqa Technologies (The Netherlands)

By Tonnis Hooghoudt
Ioniqa Technologies is a high tech chemical company founded in 2009. It is a spin-off from the Technical University Eindhoven and the Dutch Polymer Institute, and is specialized in 'Magnetic Smart Processes'. Ioniqa is focusing on creating value from waste and discovered a profitable Cradle to Cradle solution for PET polyester plastics.

PHYSEE (The Netherlands)

By Willem Kesteloo
Physee's PowerWindows are patented and transparent double-paned windows that convert light into electricity. You can read all about it in our feature on Physee. (United Kingdom/Kenia)

By Harrison Leaf (great name for this challenge!)
Specially designed for off-grid utilities,'s universal smart meter and data analytics platform enables retail electricity, even in the world's remotest locations. enables its clients to collect cash-less mobile payments conveniently, operate utility projects remotely, and communicate with consumers on their terms from anywhere. Internet connection not required.

Green challenge

Although some business are clearly ahead of others, the selection shows the organization cares about solutions big and small. As long as the business is big enough to actually execute (one of the entry criteria). And hey, it's called a green challenge for a reason. If an early stage startup wins from an established company like Ioniqa… that's impressive.

Image: website Green City Solutions

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