Meet the 12 startups of the first PortXL harbour accelerator batch
5 March, 2021 by
Meet the 12 startups of the first PortXL harbour accelerator batch
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The first batch of startups in the PortXL accelerator programme is announced. Here’s a look at the twelve lucky companies.

In random order:

From: The Netherlands
CEO: Marlon Drinkwaard
Status: Proof of principle, technological proof of concept.
What: Addnovation develops a fleet of sailing drones that automatically check the port for signs of pollution in water and air. The solution reduces costs and generates more accurate information than existing methods. Addnovation runs a demo programme in the Rotterdam port.

From: Colombia
CEO: Francisco Valderrama
Status: Pilot scale, small scale production.
What: Glock has developed a physical lock for container vessels that can remotely be locked. An intelligent cloud based solution enables B2B customers to track their container and to monitor if it is opened on the right moment. The solution is aimed at preventing smuggling and fraud.

From: South Africa
CEO: Richard Hardiman
Quote: You see garbage, we see money.
Status: Proof of concept / prototype.
What: Automated drone based waste clean-up technology for ports, harbours and marinas.

From: USA
CEO: Paul Walker
Quote: If it is man against machine, the machine will always win.
Status: proof of concept
What: A system replacing the dangerous and expensive twist lock system that holds containers together in ports and on ships. StaffaIPI’s Universal Container Locking System (UCLS) is an automated, fully integrated container twistlock system for shipping containers. UCLS equipped containers will improve safety, environmental sustainability and productivity while converting twistlock handling costs into savings for the entire container transport community.

From: The Netherlands
CEO: Gerbert Smits
Status: Proof of principle
Quote: We are going to build the largest 3D printer in the world.
What: One of a kind 3D printer for printing scale models up to 10 meters for creation of towing tank scale models. This solution will save the shipbuilding industry millions and will enhance flexibility and speed in testing.

From: USA (Seattle)
CEO: Amber Michel
Status: closed beta, open beta in May 2016.
What: An automated credential management and verification platform. Pingle facilitates registration of employees with their mandatory professional certifications and keeps those certifications updated through partnerships with educational institutes.
From: USA
CEO: Bryan Bender
Status: Launching.
What: for ports. Online booking for ports and pilots and easy-to-use workflow management software (cloud) offering collaboration by consolidating vessel itineraries, cargo details, special requests and communication.

From: Brazil
CEO: Eduardo Carvalho
Status: Pilot, small scale deployment.
What: Cloud based workflow management software that replaces the thousands of spreadsheets, faxes, emails and phonecalls that together make up the maritime shipping process.

From: Croatia
CEO: Dino Mandic
Status: Pilot, small scale production.
What: a desktop and cloud application that helps ship owners to reduce fuel consumption by using machine feedback on waves. It also creates a database with real ship performances and uses AI to analyse that information to improve routing.

From: Greece
CEO: Stefanos Katsolis
Status: Pilot scale / small scale.
What: 3D survey service company combining highly educated Greek engineers, with los wages and modern laserscanners to measure major construction projects.

From: Portugal
CEO: Pedro Pinto
Status: Pilot scale.
What: Fiber optic system based on NASA R&D that will measure and monitor the shape of structures remotely and in real time, to inform ship owners and other stakeholders about the structural condition of a ship or offshore installation.

From: Greece
CEO: Constantine Komodromes
Status: Small scale production.
What: AI supported marketplace matching cargoes and vessels based on a number of factors. Every transaction is electronically negotiated and concluded. Parties involved will each rate the experience they had with the system and the counterparty.

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