Is your idea worth 15k?
5 March, 2021 by
Is your idea worth 15k?
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Is your idea worth 15k?
The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) is looking for new tools to support tech-startups. Are you a
programmer or IT-entrepreneur and do you work for a tech-company or creative agency? Do you have a
good idea already or are you great at coming up with clever solutions on the spot? And are you confident
handling (big) data? If the answer is yes, then this open challenge is for you!

The challenge
A good plan or innovative idea does not always lead to a successful business. Good research is incredibly
important, which is why you need data. Finding the right data however is not always easy and implementing it
even less so. KvK is looking for new ways to make data more accessible and easier to implement. The objective
for this challenge is to create a tool that will benefit tech-startups. This could be done in several ways: by giving
startups new insights, validating ideas or concepts or perhaps by providing more detailed and in-depth market

To make a selection we will look at the following criteria:

  • • Implementation of several data-sources. Next to the data from the Chamber of Commerce you must
  • use open data sources.
  • • The tool should focus on ‘footloose’ tech-startups that are not bound to fixed locations, for instance
  • webshops, app developers or software engineers.
  • • The tool allows you to use and combine several data sources, while providing good UX/UI.

What’s in it for you?
Joining this open challenge gives you the opportunity to expand your network and get a great deal of
exposure for your idea.
A maximum of ten ideas out of all submissions will be invited for the second phase which includes:

  • • Two high-quality workshops on making a solid business model and prototyping. During these
  • workshops you will refine your business proposal and you will start validating your plan.
  • • A high-quality workshop to develop your pitching skills.
  • • Access to the event Inspiration360 by NL Groeit.

During the Demo Day on 15 September you will pitch your idea to a professional jury, the board of
directors of KvK and about 300 guests and invited business professionals.The winner of this challenge
will receive a €15.000 prize and get KvK as their first customer.

What’s next?
Go to our website to get the full details about this challenge. This includes dates and deadlines which
are important if your idea is selected for the second phase.

Watch this promo for more information

Applications can be submitted until Monday 18 July at 12:00 PM

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