HR startup Yearn gets 400.000 euro in pre-seed crowdfunding
5 March, 2021 by
HR startup Yearn gets 400.000 euro in pre-seed crowdfunding
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Amsterdam-based HR/recruitment startup Yearn this year received a total of 400.000 euro in pre-seed money, raised in two rounds of private crowdfunding.

The rounds were 200.000 euro each and were done in January and October, founder Kaan Anit told StartupJuncture. At this moment, the startup will close a bigger seed round very soon.

Founded in 2015, Yearn is a referral recruitment platform and calls itself an ‘inner crowd recruitment platform’. What that exactly means, is that they help find talent for jobs through a curated network of so called ‘Superconnectors’. When people recommend people they know, it leads to better quality recommendations.

“In essence, everyone knows talented people”, Anit also said. “And therefore everyone can be a recruiter.”

Right know, 16 people work at Yearn. Among its clients are other Dutch startups like Ace & Tate, Helloprint and Relay42.

2016 funding

The reason why we write about these rounds, well after they were closed, is the full 2016 funding report about investments in Dutch startups. As you might know, we try to be as complete as possible every quarter and each year in publishing these funding rounds. Please help us reaching that goal by sending us an email with your story, and get featured in our reports!

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