Here are the six new UtrechtInc ‘Pressure Cooker’ startups
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Here are the six new UtrechtInc ‘Pressure Cooker’ startups
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Incubator UtrechtInc just selected six new startups for its ‘Pressure Cooker’ program: Closure, Goings-On, Campfire, MarcoPoloBot, PerfectPlace and PostMe.  More than any other incubator in the Netherlands the focus of UtrechtInc has been on helping tackle societal issues concerning health, the environment and education with entrepreneurship. The composition of this new batch of startups echoes this focus.


The ‘Pressure Cooker’ program is a four month program that culminates for the selected startups in a demo day on January 18, 2018.  “If the startups have made sufficient progress they can attract funding via the ‘Rabo Pre-Seed’ and enroll the 2-year build program, says Elina Schäfer, marketing and communication manager at UtrechtInc to StartupJuncture.” The Rabo Pre-seed Fund is an initiative of Rabobank Utrecht, Utrecht University, Utrecht Holdings and Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RvO), executed by UtrechtInc. Its intended to help startup entrepreneurs to overcome their first funding needs by offering loans of 18.000 to up to 50.000 euro.

Here is without further ado the new UtrechtInc Pressure Cooker class:


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Everybody that has lost someone knows how cumbersome it is close all online profiles, accounts, etc. Closure is here to help, closing all accounts, contracts, subscriptions. There slogan: ‘Cope with loss, not administrative hassle.’


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Going-ons is a health startup that enables cancer patients and their loved to follow and ‘monitor’ the trajectory of the patient’s treatment and rehabilitation.

Founders: Petra Hoogendoorn and Peter Boonstra


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As the name implies Campfire is about getting people together. An app for spontaneous get-togethers.


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Marcopolobot enables you to generate interest on your Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies by automating the lending process on the Poloniex exchange.

Founders: Kai Bakker and Guus Baggen

Perfect Place

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The startup ‘perfect place’ aims to offer people a better quality of life in the geographical area they live or work. It does this by applying big data technology to get better insights on zoning, real estate investments and healthcare policy and based on these insights make better decisions for a better quality of life.

Founders: Johan Westerbeek and Anton Los


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PostMe is your digital safe that will ‘open’ for your loved ones at a chosen moment that you have set.

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