Have a look at 5 new startups in YES!Delft’s new incubation programme
5 March, 2021 by
Have a look at 5 new startups in YES!Delft’s new incubation programme
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After launching with a new incubation programme just a month and a half ago, YES!Delft already welcomes its second class of startups. Last month six new startups entered YES!Delft. Now five more promising companies will join. Here's a quick look at the participants:

Nowi Energy

The Internet of Things era is exciting but it’s being limited by power constraints. Nowi removes these constraints through its WiFi powered sensors. The startup is developing sensors that 'harvest' the energy in existing radio frequency signals and uses this to prolong the product lifetime. Every WiFi signal carries a little bit of energy. So instead of letting the WiFi energy go to waste you can also use it to power IoT devices.

Ans Delft

Ans Delft develops an user-friendly education platform for students and teachers. Assignments and feedback on it are managed online, which of course means less work for teachers and more insights for students.


Levitas creates panels for the construction of vehicles out of composite. This is a strong and at the same time lightweight plastic. Imagine the fuel savings!


Softwarecompany ParaPy helps (inexperienced) programmers. A smart algorithm makes the design faster. It also lets you automate whole processes.


Xinaps checks designs from architects on local regulations and guidelines. Xinaps can be used in existing design software or in the cloud.

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