Harlem meets Haarlem, establishing the relationship with New York
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Harlem meets Haarlem, establishing the relationship with New York
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Haarlemvalley has successfully established multiple relationships within the Harlem community thanks to Silicon Harlem, the borough president of Manhattan Gale Brewer and our deputy mayor of Haarlem Joyce Langenacker.

Program Haarlem meets Harlem

Together with Joyce Langenacker and Ellen van der Vossen from the city council Haarlem, the Haarlemvalley community travelled to New York. A bike tour through Harlem showed us the successes of social programs; Harlem is currently a well-developed district in New York. John Henry from cofound Harlem gave the Dutch startups who travelled with us the do's and don'ts of a great pitch in preparation of the Haarlem meets Harlem pitch event.

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At the tech center; the Urban Future Lab, Tim Kreukniet of EV Box and other sustainable energy solutions from the Netherlands explained how to break into the U.S. market and how to do business in New York as a Dutchman. Marc van der Aart and Stella Bronwasser, oud Haarlemmers and entrepreneurs from Rolling Orange Bike Tours, explained the process of setting up and selling a business in New York. Haarlemvalley made a connection for Dutch startups who would like to test their services in the U.S. market. Adriaan Grijns from the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce explained how to set a subsidiary for startup companies including a force of sales agents.

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In Harlem we have met successful Dutch American entrepreneurs such as Hugo van Dijk and members of the Haarlem meet Harlem NYC investor panel: Eric Boonstra (Evoswitch), Doug Binette (GP Ventures), Jeroen de Vries (Nieuw Amsterdam Advisors), Varelie Croes (The Liv Group). Startups who pitched at the event were Dutch and American; Angela Darris from The C Suite Coach (US), Aviram Siboni from Multisense (NL), Erik Mendelson from Record Gramm (US), Rose Wilson from The 'U' with me (US), Yusuf Ghaznavi from Ticketzdeal (NL)and Tim de Kraker from Bardoggy (NL)! Visit Silicon Harlem for the presentation stream at http://www.siliconharlem.net/

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Relationship in the future and results

The big winner of the event is Record Gramm: Erik Mendelson, together with Shawn Mims (multiplatinum music recording artist) gave a top notch performance! Evoswitch, the Dutch database center offered Record Gramm database solutions for their app and a location for their office in the Europe mainland. As a result Record Gramm considers to establish a subsidiary in Haarlem.

The Dutch startup Bardoggy, received a phone call from a U.S. launching customer enabling him to start a pilot in New York with more than 6000 bars! When he received the phone call Joyce Langenacker, deputy mayor of Haarlem was with him in the car and witnessed the thrill of being a startup entrepreneur.
Thanks to the amazing efforts of Clayton Banks (event-hero from Silicon Harlem), Haarlem and Harlem embraced the relationship between the two sister cities in the areas of startups, investors and music startups and investors. Next year, Silicon Harlem will visit Haarlem. The U.S. startup Record Gramm will pitch at our main finals in November (NL). Stay tuned! #haarlemvalley #4harlem

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