Green energy startup Vandebron picks up 2 million euro
5 March, 2021 by
Green energy startup Vandebron picks up 2 million euro
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Vandebron, the online marketplace for buying green energy straight from the source, received an investment of 2 million euro from the climate fund Amsterdamse Klimaat- en Energiefonds (Akef). The money is used primarily to gain new customers in one area: Amsterdam.

The Akef fund (45 million euro) is started by the municipality of Amsterdam and is meant for the development of sustainable energy projects in the Amsterdam area. The idea of the investment: with more clients from Amsterdam, the more the demand of sustainable energy will become in this region, Het Parool reports.

Vandebron is cutting out the middleman in buying green energy for more than 80.000 households, the startup claims.

Vandebron’s fast growth

Earlier this year, NRC reported a predicted number of 100.000 customers in 2016. “We wanted to double the number of customers this year, but it seems we’re almost there already”, told Jaap Grolleman from Vandebron to StartupJuncture.

The choice for an investment specifically targeted at the Amsterdam region makes sense, Grolleman said. “We started here, got our first customers from this area and in Amsterdam there’s an above average interest in sustainable energy.”

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