Girls in Tech: celebrating Dutch female founders
5 March, 2021 by
Girls in Tech: celebrating Dutch female founders
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Oh boy, 2015 has been quite the year. It was the time when startups really got mainstream in The Netherlands. There was a bucketload of media attention for startups, and funding was easier to get by – resulting in more deals. But one thing is still missing: the much needed gender diversity in the Dutch tech and startup scene.

StartupJuncture recognizes this. When walking around in the typical incubator, it’s really hard to not notice the majority of men working in tech. This obviously leads to, well, rather one-sized startup insights given in interviews. We’re missing the female point of view of doing business.

That’s why our co-founder Samir Saberi launched Girls in Tech, an evolving list of Dutch female startup founders. Everyone in the Dutch startup scene is invited to make this list complete. We think this has several advantages.


Because of the minor share of women in tech, media mostly interview ‘the usual suspects’. With this list, journalists can expand their view and give more attention to previously unknown female founders. Of course, it’s also a great tool for more transparency on the topic of female entrepreneurship.

But the most important thing: like other initiatives like TheNextWomen and TedXAmsterdamWomen, Girls in Tech is celebrating female founders and is founded to inspire other female entrepreneurs to get themselves out there.

Let us start 2016 with a blast – let women in tech be heard. Contribute!

Image by Cory M. Grenier, CC 2.0

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