Fiscal Measures for Startups 2017
5 March, 2021 by
Fiscal Measures for Startups 2017
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The fiscal measures for 2017 announced Tuesday on Budget Day are in general supportive of the Dutch startup climate. But more could be done!

The current tax measures supporting startups are being continued. They include: 

  • R&D tax incentives such as the innovation box and WBSO (a wage tax deduction),
  • Tax-free remuneration totaling 30% of salary for talent from outside the Netherlands ( 30% rule), and
  • Some tax deferral options upon setting up or changing a structure.

Dutch tax authorities also tend to be cooperative to work with startups to find solutions to fiscal issues.

The new fiscal rules (as of 2017) include €23 million to reduce the income tax of startup founders (Versoepeling gebruikelijkloonregeling) and expansion of the WBSO tax incentive. Furthermore, € 27 million extra funding was announced for co-investment in promising startups, jointly with private investors (this is not a fiscal measure).  All in all the Dutch fiscal regime for startups will become yet a bit more attractive. But more needs to be done.

Click here for a blog by the EY startup team on the new fiscal measures 2017 for Startups 

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