Ethical hacker startup Zerocopter gets 1.3 million euro investment
5 March, 2021 by
Ethical hacker startup Zerocopter gets 1.3 million euro investment
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Zerocopter offers an online security platform where ethical hackers help companies find security issues. Last week the company announced that they have received 1.3 million euros in funding from undisclosed sources. This is quite a large amount for such an early stage startup (the company was only founded in 2015). The funding will be used for improving the platform.

UPDATE: Although the sources were officially undisclosed, Investion, one of the previous investors in Zerocopter, told us they participated in this round again.

We interviewed founder Junior Meijering in March of this year, shortly after the launch of the platform. In this interview he explained that Zerocopter wants to be a complete security platform. It includes bug bounties (rewards per leak found) but also other components such as scanners.

The funding will be used for improving the platform, says Zerocopter in the press release: “The dashboard will be made more neat and visually attractive. We would like the dashboard to make it clear towards companies how their security has been improved after they signed up to our platform”. In order to do so, Zerocopter will hire about 10 additional people.

The Netherlands as hotbed for cybersecurity

With the latest investment, The Netherlands has become a real hotbed for security startups. We now have Hackerone, Redsocks, Onegini and EclecticIQ, all of which have raised funding in the last one and a half years. This trend is likely to continue. Startupbootcamp has announced a new program especially for cybersecurity and Fintech startups. Aspiring security startups can still apply until October 21.

Image by Yuri Samoilov @ Flickr – CC BY 2.0

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