Eindhoven startup community gets together at EHV summit
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Eindhoven startup community gets together at EHV summit
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On October 22 a new startup summit takes place: Eindhoven organises the first Eindhoven Startup summit in the south of the Netherlands. This first edition consists of a full day of speakers and several mentorship and demo programs for startups.

Even though Amsterdam gets the most attention, Eindhoven has a strong presence of tech companies and startups. Eindhoven has it’s own high tech campus, featuring companies like Philips, it’s own Startupbootcamp and many spin-off companies and new startups. The

Eindhoven Startup Summit aims to bring the community together in a full day conference, from 9:00 until 18:00 (or 1am next day if you include the afterparty). The program takes place at the Evoluon (UFO shaped building with a history as a future-museum). The main stage is filled with speakers, including:

  • The Mayor of Eindhoven Rob van Gijzel
  • Betalist founder Marc Kohlbrugge
  • Peter Weijmarhause from Shapeways
  • Karen Boers from Startups.be
  • Mari Vavulski from Startups Estonia
  • Andy Shannon from Startupbootcamp Hightech XL

See the full program here.

Even more interesting is the side program, where people can actually meet and learn. The summit has taken the best elements from other conferences to create opportunities for startups:

  • In the mentorship track, startups can connect with new mentors
  • Show and tell basically consists of demo boots, for startups that want to show their product

The conference is organized by the Eindhoven Startups Foundation, a community driven

organisation. Founder Victoria Martinez: “We are organizing the EHV Summit not because somebody in the city has asked us for it, we’re organizing it because we believe this event can bring the Eindhoven startup community to the next level. In the last year we’ve seen that the startup community here as taken a giant leap into the right direction: our Eindhoven Startups Foundation has grown to almost 500 members and the amount of events and services for startups in town is booming. With the Summit, we hope to bring all these people together and have fun. And while having fun, I hope they will connect with people that can help them in making the next step.”

Interested in attending? Tickets can be found at the EHV website. StartupJuncture is a mediapartner and would love to hear experiences of attending startups.

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