Dutch startups raise €174 million in Q3 2015
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Dutch startups raise €174 million in Q3 2015
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Dutch startups have raised more money this year for the second consecutive quarter. According to our quarterly overview, there were 33 deals for a total of 174.2 million euro in Q3. Catawiki got the most funding in the third quarter: 75 million euro.

Compared to the second quarter of 2015 (101 million euro, 29 deals), we saw a larger average amount of funding (5.3 million euro vs. 3.8 million euro).

Also the median investment of 700.000 euro was higher than Q2’s 600.000 euro.

Notable deals in Q3

The rising of funding for Dutch startups this quarter is mainly due to Catawiki raising 75 million euro in a Series C round led by Lead Edge Capital, and Adyen raising an undisclosed amount from Iconiq – valuating the company at more than 2 billion dollar.

GitHub competitor GitLab has a special place in our third quarter’s overview: the startup got funded twice in a very short time. First a 1.36 million euro seed round in July, and just two months after that it was followed by a 3.6 million euro Series A round. We got a feeling they’re onto something here.

Catawiki and Adyen are the only two startups raising more than 10 million euro this quarter.


  • Like we do every quarter when the amount of funding is undisclosed or unknown, we have made an educated guess. This amount is shown in italics.
  • We’re aware that not all deals are being published or communicated (sometimes for obvious reasons). Therefore it’s almost impossible to get the list complete. The data we did get however gives you a good impression. If we missed something, let us know.
  • We didn’t include takeovers or significantly large majority stakes.
  • We didn’t include crowdfunding, unless it’s a convertible note. However, we didn’t saw any of those deals this quarter.
  • We didn’t include funding below 50.000 euro.
Name Amount (€) Type By Who More info
Catawiki 75,000,000 series C VC Lead Edge Capital e.a. StartupJuncture
Adyen undisclosed – 50,000,000 venture VC Iconiq FD
Audion Therapeutics 8,300,000 series A VC INKEF + European Union StartupJuncture
Synerscope “millions” – 5,000,000 series A VC Mangrove SiliconCanals
Voltea 5,000,000 series B VC Environmental Technology Fund e.a. Voltea
Luxexcel 4,000,000 series B VC Munich Venture Partners e.a. Crunchbase
Gitlab 3,600,000 series A VC Khosla StartupJuncture
Bloomon 3,500,000 series A VC INKEF StartupJuncture
SkinVision 3,000,000 series A strategic LEO Pharma StartupJuncture
SolarFreezer “millions” – 3,000,000 series A VC, strategic VolkerWessels, Innovation Fund Twente StartupJuncture
LookLive 2,000,000 series A VC Volta Ventures, Liberty Global SiliconCanals
Bux 1,700,000 series B VC Initial Capital StartupJuncture
Gitlab 1,360,000 seed VC’s & angels Khosla, 500 startups, Crunchfund, Sound Ventures StartupJuncture
Calendar42 1,000,000 seed angels StartupJuncture
Eurekite 1,000,000 seed VC Cottonwood StartupJuncture
Munisense undisclosed – 750,000 growth VC InnovationQuarter FD
Inno4Life undisclosed – 700,000 seed VC Zeeuws Investerings Fonds Zeeuws Investerings Fonds
LegalMatters 600,000 seed VC & angels Venture Fathers SiliconCanals
Yippie 600,000 seed angels undisclosed StartupJuncture
Legalloyd 500,000 seed angels Marco Aarnink e.a. StartupJuncture
Instant Magazine 500,000 seed VC Newion Investments StartupJuncture
Proforto 500,000 seed angels undisclosed Sprout
Daalder 400,000 strategic VC Keadyn StartupJuncture
Readmore undisclosed – 400,000 seed VC Axivate SiliconCanals
Closing the Loop 350,000 seed angels PYMWYMIC FD
Monyq 300,000 seed VC Keadyn Keadyn
Undagrid undisclosed – 250,000 seed VC Mainport Innovation Fund StartupJuncture
Bundles 225,000 seed angels undisclosed Bundles
Matricore 200,000 seed Limburg Development Business Fund StartupJuncture
Fitmo undisclosed – 200,000 seed angel Peter Driessen StartupJuncture
Novioponics 100,000 seed Limburg Development Business Fund StartupJuncture
Recruitee undisclosed – 100,000 seed angels Robert Pijselman, Luc Brandst Index
Chasing Spaces undisclosed – 100,000 seed angels undisclosed Index

We’d like to thank the people at Index for pointing us to some deals we haven’t heard of already.
The graph is made with LocalFocus, of course a Dutch startup.

Frontpage image by PixelAnarchy @ Pixabay

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