Dutch Startups presented at Computex 2017 in Taipei
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Dutch Startups presented at Computex 2017 in Taipei
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The Netherlands is Europe’s Best-Connected and Largest Ecosystem for startups. In 2014 the Startup Delta was founded by the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs with the goal to turn the Netherlands into Europe’s West Coast for Awesome Startups. Its efforts have not been unnoticed, as many of the Dutch Startups have received international recognition, such as 3D Hubs, a pioneer in additive manufacturing and the world’s largest online marketplace for 3D printing services. Adyen, a fintech startup who became the first Dutch unicorn, reaching $1 billion in VC investment. And WeTransfer, a startup who developed a program to easily share digital files which is now used worldwide.

The startup landscape in the Netherlands consists of many innovative tech hubs all with their own strengths and focus, of which the most notable ones are Amsterdam (IoT & Circular Economy), Eindhoven (Smart Cities, VR & Design), Utrecht (Healthcare & Gaming) and The Hague (Cybersecurity). Especially Amsterdam has received much international attention as it was awarded the innovation capital of Europe, and the second best startup city and third best scale up city by the European Digital City Index (EDCi). Yet the true strength of the Dutch startup ecosystem is that it’s all about cooperation, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Special Envoy Constantijn Van Oranje: “In politics there is a lot of talk, but entrepreneurs actually build things, develop new businesses, drive innovation and create jobs. That’s why entrepreneurship is important and that’s why we have to stimulate entrepreneurship in the Netherlands if we want to be competitive in the long run.”

In the Genome global ranking of international Startups hubs the Dutch eco-system as a whole was ranked 4th in Europe. The 2017 Genome ranking report also stated that The Netherlands is one of the fastest growing startup ecosystems in Europe. The reasons for this fast developing startup eco-system can be found in the national believe in open innovation, the strong experience in public-private partnerships and the fact that the Netherlands ranks number 1 for implementing governmental policies that are aimed at growth for startups, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The following Innovation Dutch startups will visit Taiwan to join the INNOVEX:

Aigency, the world’s first employment agency for artificial intelligence
Travis the Translator, the world’s first smart pocket translator powered by artificial intelligence
iBand+, a new device helping people to dream and sleep better
Onera, developing solutions for users to understand & improve their health
Ato-gear – Helping people improve the way they move, by making the science of movement accessible
Bambi Medical, a soft fabric, skin-friendly, wireless monitoring device that eliminates pain and stress of babies
LifeSense Group, designing innovative wearables for health applications

Introduction of the Dutch Startup Delegation


Aigency, the world’s first employment agency for artificial intelligence, is the go-to team to implement an AI-strategy within your company! Aigency has offices in Europe (Amsterdam) and Canada (Toronto) plus a worldwide network of AI professionals. Aigency is expanding its activities into Asia and is looking for partners.

Travis the Translator

Travis the Translator is the world’s first smart pocket translator powered by artificial intelligence. It breaks the barriers between languages and allows travelers and international professionals to communicate effortlessly with anyone, anywhere. Finally, with Travis, you can truly ‘go global and speak local’!


Dreams and sleep play an important role in our health and happiness. An estimated 50-70 million adults in the US and 1/3rd of adults in Europe suffer from some sort of sleep or wakefulness related problem! iBand+ is a wearable solution for this.

The EEG brain sensing and health tracking headband will help everyone to improve sleep and experience lucid dreams (“Inception” in real life!)!


Onera is a digital health start-up that develops & commercializes solutions to enable users to understand & improve their health. Onera’s first product is a patch that helps users to accurately assess their sleep, and to improve it.

With its patented technology, Onera enables you to understand how your daily choices affect your sleep, and empowers you to sleep healthy again.


Helping people improve the way they move, by making the science of movement accessible. We are the creators of ARION, a unique running wearable that helps you transform your running technique, to improve your performance and reduce your injury risk.

Bambi Medical

The Bambi-Belt is a soft fabric, skin-friendly, wireless monitoring device that eliminates pain and stress of babies. The belt functions by being wrapped around the baby’s chest. Sensors integrated inside the belt measure critical data in a nonintrusive way, while a small transmitter and receiver allow wirelessly sending the data to existing patient monitors in the hospital. The wireless feature of the Bambi-Belt allows parents to more easily take their babies out of the incubator and perform Kangaroo Mother Care.

LifeSense Group

LifeSense is born from the mission to empower people everyday & revolutionize healthcare through wearable technology.  Our first product, Carin provides a solution to one of the biggest unspoken problems women face throughout their lives: urinary incontinence. Rising to the top of a field of over 400 entries from more than 60 countries around the world, in February 2017, Carin was crowned as the best wearable healthcare product in the world at the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup in Munich. By winning this award LifeSense has transformed the largest unspoken problem into the largest spoken solution.

Our international team is based in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) , Tokyo (Japan) and San Francisco (USA). We are actively seeking €5 million in series A investment to become the fastest growing business (revenue based).

Carin is our first product on the market. The set of wearables is designed for women with who want better bladder control. Wear Carin to track, exercise and protect yourself.



For more information:

The Netherlands Trade and Investment Office

Contact: Diederik van der Toorn,

Economic Advisor

Taipei: 02-8758-7226



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