Dutch startup news update: Watermelon, eLinea, accelerators feel the heat
5 March, 2021 by
Dutch startup news update: Watermelon, eLinea, accelerators feel the heat
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Last week unfortunately meant the end for two Dutch startups. Here's what you need to know:

News & Updates

Watermelon, the Utrecht-based startup which heavily relied on Whatsapp for its business communication tool, filed for bankruptcy last week. Several law fights with Whatsapp led to investors backing down. 'Internal disagreements' did the rest.

eLinea also filed for bankruptcy. The 'Spotify for news' didn't find an investor for more marketing efforts. It's the second competitor of Blendle in a short time to fall: earlier this year MyJour went down.

As you may know, we're also having our eyes on crowdfunding campaigns. We selected the 10 best campaigns from The Netherlands for the month July.

An IT lawyer got fed up with paperwork, so he decided to do something about it. Read our interview with Stiply!

(Not really) funding

Main Capital, a Dutch private equity investor, took a 55-60 percent stake in social media companies OBI4wan and OBILytics from Zaandam.

Recruitment startup Ricru from Heerlen received a 200.000 euro loan from the LBDF regional development fund.

Monday morning reads

Amazing longread with lots of insiders' info: Why Startup Accelerators Feel Pressure To Evolve (Wharton)

Always do side-projects! You never know what it will lead to. Martijn de Kuijper, founder of the 'Tumblr for newsletters' Revue, talks about his journey so far. (Medium)

Uber is disrupting many markets, but not in China. (Quartz)

Image: condesign @ Pixabay

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