Dutch Startup News Update: TRVL, Aidence, collabs, Bohemian Birds and more
5 March, 2021 by
Dutch Startup News Update: TRVL, Aidence, collabs, Bohemian Birds and more
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Another overview of all the activities in the Dutch Startup industry last week. From funding news to innovative collaborations and MondayReads to start your week up to date.

News and updates

Dutch business industry works together with startups
19 Big companies and organisations in The Netherlands agreed on collaborating with startups in the near future. In the coming year 300 different collaborations will be arranged to accelerate innovation. Together with startups the Dutch business industry could faster grow products and services. Amongst the partners are KPN, AkzoNobel, ING, Shell, ASML, Philips, NS and ANWB.

Mol starts crowdfunding in new ‘liquid’ gold
Dutch businessmen Michiel Mol made a few unexpected investments that turned out to be very successful and found a new project to turn into gold. Liquid gold in the form of a crafted Caramel Liquor, a caramel flavoured wodka. The campaign is already overfunded, but still open for investments.


TRVL raises series-A investment
Travel startup TRVL raised $2.7m and turns every user of the peer-to-peer platform into travel agents. The funding was a series-A investment, which will be used for further product development and growth.

Bohemian Birds raises 250.000€
Another Dutch travel startup raised €250.000. Bohemian Birds is specialised in organising lustrum trips for students, alumni and company trips. €100.000 was raised via angel investors, the other €150.000 via crowdfunding. It’s Bohemian Birds ambition to become the standard supplier for the Zuidas (the financial district of Amsterdam) when it comes to travel.

Aidence raised $2.5m seed capital
Medical startup Aidence raised a successful seed investment to innovate the future of medical image recognition. With the use of AI and Deep Learning technology the software makes it possible to diagnose and treat symptoms and diseases like lung cancer in an earlier stage.

Monday Reads

Hunting for talent? The Next Web released the T500, the 500 top talents in the Dutch digital industry.

A lot of buzz is going on about so called ICO’s. An ICO is a fundraising tool that trades future cryptocoins in exchange for cryptocurrencies of immediate, liquid value. Recently many startups using the Blockchain or Ethereum network raised tremendous amounts of capital via the system.


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