Dutch Startup News Update: The Ocean Cleanup, TVILIGHT, Newion Investments, Emerce Tech Live
5 March, 2021 by
Dutch Startup News Update: The Ocean Cleanup, TVILIGHT, Newion Investments, Emerce Tech Live
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Last weeks startup news was a lot about climate. This is what happened in the Dutch Startup industry.

News & Updates

The Ocean Cleanup receives donations from Marc Benioff, Peter Thiel and many others
The Ocean Cleanup, a Dutch initiative from Boyan Slat, The Ocean Cleanup received donations from Marc Benioff, Peter Thiel and many more. The foundation raised 21.7 million US dollars in this round, with a total fund of 31.5 million USD.

Emerce Tech Live!
On May 30 Emerce organises Tech Live! at the Beurs van Berlage. It provides 6 events in one day with themes like mobile enterprise, mobile conference, internet of things, vr, esecurity and the future of payments. With 75 (international) speakers talking and providing a stage for startups to present themselves in a stand, this is where you need to be if you want to stay up to date about the Dutch tech scene. You’ll soon read more about the event here. (website in Dutch only).

TVILIGHT brings Texel smart street lightning

Texel aims to become an energy neutral island and step one has just been realised: the street lightning works on solar energy and only when and where necessary. The island can enjoy the natural beauty of night skies now thanks to smart technology created by TVILIGHT.

First Growth Hacking Conference in Amsterdam
Friday May 12 the first Growth Hacking Conference will be held in Amsterdam. Partnered up with Growth Tribe and held on the Growth Tribe Campus, with 9 big growth hacking speakers from San Francisco. The conference is already sold out, but we’re sure it will receive some social media attention!


Newion Investments funds Oxynade

Dutch investment fund Newion Investments invested in Oxynade, an eTaas, to expand their ticketing services abroad. Oxynade is not only a platform for selling tickets, they also provide customer service and many back-end services for the selling parties.

Monday Morning Read

Turn your data into 3D animated videos
Relive might be one of the most promising Dutch startups of the moment. Relive lets you create a personal 3D video of your outdoor activities and adventures. Inspired by a bikeride on Tenerife and already used by Kevin Systrom, we should definitely keep an eye on this one.

Startup Friendly cities

Move over San Francisco, there are way more friendlier cities to settle your startup! WeForum listed the 22 best cities for startups and Amsterdam ranks pretty high. Don’t worry about green cards, or outrageous prices for daily life.

Travel Tech incubators share their learnings
There’s still a big taboo when it comes to failing and startups. Normally we only hear when startups didn’t make it to scale, create a valid MVP or gain enough users to make the next move. Luckily also incubators fail and these travel tech incubators were so cool about it, they share their missteps.

Ask advice and receive your C-round
How to stand out in the crowd of pitches to get validation for your startup? Cold approach or yet another pitch don’t work, you should get to an investors emotion. How? By asking for advice!

Building a startup growth engine
Another fine learning on how to build a growth engine. According to Dan Martell it consists of 3 major parts to show your product or service to the world. Interesting read and an easy lesson!

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