Dutch Startup News Update: ReSnap, Block Party, GBMworks, Gaiku, Devil
5 March, 2021 by
Dutch Startup News Update: ReSnap, Block Party, GBMworks, Gaiku, Devil
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What happens in the startup scene in The Netherlands right now? Find out in another Dutch startup news update!

News & Updates

Photobook app ReSnap acquires Dutch startup Bundle

Nijmegen-based photobook startup ReSnap has acquired fellow photo startup Bundle for an undisclosed figure. “ReSnap is the only company worldwide that developed a subjective selection technology for photos. They managed to successfully create an artificial intelligence for this. We realized that if you want to be successful as a photo company, you simply need this kind of technology. Combined with their recent success, it was a no-brainer for us to become part of ReSnap.” said Michel op ‘t Landt, cofounder of Bundle to tech.eu about the acquisition.

Former Ajax football star Gregory van der Wiel starts investment fund Block Party

Joing the likes of Koby Bryant, former professional Ajax footballer Gregory van der Wiel has launched his own celebrity investment fund Block Party. His business partner Funs Jacobs and micro VC firm Keadyn are going to be responsible for the operations of the fund. Van der Wiel has invested 2,5 million of his own money in the fund as its first LP.  The fund focuses on early stage startups from pre-seed to Series A. Block Party is currently approaching other celebrities to join Van der Wiel in the startup investment game.

GBMworks wins the PHIA award

The student-startup GMBworks has won the Philips Innovation Award (PHIA). GMBworks has built an innovative piling method for the installation of wind turbines in see. The technology enables companies to install windturbines silently in contrast to the traditional methods that produce up to 180 decibel and therewith harm the wildlife on sea.

Amsterdam: hotter than Boston and Berlin

According to the research of the global real estate services provider Savills, Amsterdam is the fifth most attractive ‘tech city’ for tech companies. Beating Boston and Berlin. And just one position behind from European number one, London.

The Next Web Conference is (almost) here

Coming Thursday and Friday Amsterdam is for two days the epicentre of the global tech scene. It’s good to see that The Next Web is using its authority and reach to support startups to grow and build companies that make the world a better place with its Scale and Impact programs that were added to its program this year.


GAIKU receives another €500.000

Serial entrepreneurs Jasper de Rooij and Jasper Meerding double down on the meeting applicaiton space. Meerding has founded GAIKU, a cloud application that uses intelligent software to lead meetings more effectively and engaged. De Roojij, who previously founded the successful sim-only company, Simpel, invests yet another 500.000 euro in the company in period of just six months after the first half million.

Monday Afternoon Read

The devil is in the detail. I strongly believe in this mantra. Also when it comes down to product development and building a successful startup. It’s hard to do. You won’t get the attention you get when you brag with vanity metrics. But when you follow the advise of James Currier in this 500 startups talk, you have increased the chances of succes of your company exponentially. Guaranteed!

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