Dutch startup news update: Noviosense, Accenture Innovation Awards
5 March, 2021 by
Dutch startup news update: Noviosense, Accenture Innovation Awards
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Here’s your weekly Dutch startup news update!

Funding & Updates

Nijmegen medtech startup Noviosense secured an undisclosed "4th financing round" from Fraunhofer Venture, Healthinnovations, NovioTech and Topfonds Gelderland. Noviosense can now validate their glucose sensor, in their quest to battle diabetes.

Amsterdam-based parking startup Parkbee has received a 1.8 million euro investment from regional development fund InnovationQuarter and four informal investors. The money will be used to accelerate their business in the UK.

ARM’s acquisition by SoftBank brings European tech exit volume to 40 billion euro in Q3 2016, says TechEU. They've analysed the tech exits data tracked for the third quarter of 2016, and found that it was a stellar one in terms of volume – but mostly thanks to a single, big deal.

The annual Accenture Innovation Awards were presented to “the most innovative products and services of the Dutch market”. So-called Blue Tulips were awarded in ten categories as well as a Green Tulip for the best innovation within the ‘grand theme’ of this year’s edition: the circular economy. Winners get access to Accentures network of corporations, media and incubators, but receive no prize money. Theme’s include: health, food, shopping, travel, safety and ‘the internet of me.

Themes & Winners

Health & Wellbeing Plasmacure An electronic plaster  
Fair Food SoilCares Measurement of soil
Seamless Shopping TechSee Customer service in video
Easy Travel & Transport Delft Hyperloop Super-fast traveling in air tubes  
Perfect Cities Nowi   Smart sensors that charge through Wi-Fi
Skills to Succeed Mr. Chadd Online learning and homework platform  
The Internet of Me 3D ABOUT.me   Online shoe fitting
Safe & Secure Society ReadID Scanning of identification documents through NFC
Clean & Affordable Energy Solaris Sunpower   Making electricity and heath out of solar energy
Smart Industry ViVi Verte Smart packaging of vegetables
Circular Economy Ioniqa Recycling of coloured plastic bottles

Monday Reads

Your brilliant Kickstarter idea could be on sale in China before you’ve even finished funding it.

Samsung continues its in-house startup incubator program, called “C-Lab,” which encourages employees to build their own business and spin them out as startups on occasion. Samsung’s new startups include a wearable 360 cam and a humming app.

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