Dutch startup news update: Karma, Silicon Valley vs. Dutch tax
5 March, 2021 by
Dutch startup news update: Karma, Silicon Valley vs. Dutch tax
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We sure had a hot week, and not just in temperature. Check out what happened last week in the Dutch startup scene.

News & Updates

Software startup AppMachine from Leeuwarden has been acquired by Endurance International Group, an American NASDAQ-listed company.

SiliconValley sent out a warning to The Netherlands regarding the tax climate for big companies. They specifically asked to pay less tax – something that is 'needed to stay competitive'. 80 tech companies, like Apple and Google, suggest we lower the tax to 12.5 percent, like in Ireland. Right now it is 25 percent.

It isn't going well with the much appraised wifi sharing startup Karma. According to FD, there was a conflict with the current shareholders which led to several people quitting their jobs at the startup (after CEO Steven van Wel had been replaced). The investors wanted to try other markets, while the founders still believed in Karma for consumers.


Amsterdam-based healthcare startup Mint Solutions raised 5 million euro in series B funding to market their medical safety system MedEye.

Two months after the launch of the proof-of-concept fund UNIIQ, the first two investments have been made. WOLK Company (airbag against hip fractures) and Adjuvo Motion (smart glove for hand-wrist rehabilitation) each get 300.000 euro in funding.

Amsterdam­-based startup ABOSS closed its first seed round, raising 200.000 euro from Dutch VC Keadyn. The investment lets the company prepare for an international expansion.

Morning read

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In Latvia, the government and the local startup ecosystem are working towards an ambitious goal: to double the number of Latvian dealflows by 2020. (Labs of Latvia)

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