Dutch startup news update: Endeit, Bardoggy, Highscore
5 March, 2021 by
Dutch startup news update: Endeit, Bardoggy, Highscore
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News & Updates

Dutch VC Endeit Capital has invested 12 million euro in Belgian big data company Real Impact Analytics (series A).

Karmijn Kapitaal, the Dutch VC led by female entrepreneurs, has raised 90 million euro from investors for their second fund – which triples the assets managed. Karmijn only invests in SMEs with a healthy gender balance.

Only one day left for Wing's Indiegogo campaign. The wireless earphone got backed successfully already, the question is: how much money will it raise in total?

The Dutch government is spending 20 million euro to help startups and SMEs scale up their e-health initiatives.


With the new assets, Karmijn Kapitaal invests in Kunst.nl, an art rental service for businesses. The money will be used to grow and to focus on B2C as well.

Retail platform for bars Bardoggy got a new investor: Nick Stals, an entrepreneur with experience in the online hospitality sector.

Fintech startup InvoiceFinance from Den Bosch has raised a 3.4 million euro seed round from Dutch VC Peak Capital and fintech entrepreneur Kalo Bagijn.

Nanosensor startup Optics11 from Amsterdam got a seed investment of an undisclosed amount from Value Creation Capital’s TechNano Fund.

Boyan Slat’s The Ocean Cleanup, a Dutch organisation developing technologies to rid the oceans of plastic, announced on Wednesday it has secured funding for its North Sea prototype test. 1.5 million euro was reserved for the project.

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