Dutch startup news update: Climate-KIC, Storefront, Javascript in 2016
5 March, 2021 by
Dutch startup news update: Climate-KIC, Storefront, Javascript in 2016
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Here's a quick recap of last week's startups news in The Netherlands.

News & Updates

In a guestblog, attorney at law Maurits Bos explains how to distribute shares to your startup employees – and shows you 3 common uses in The Netherlands.

Contributing editor Andrii Degeler was on a quest to find out how and why corporates get to know startups. Check out the longread!

Seven startups are participating in the Let it Grow programme, a FloraHolland-backed accelerator for plant startups.

Three new startups are entering the Climate-KIC accelerator, among them is Dutch startup Trunkrs.


American startup Storefront, the 'Airbnb for pop-up stores', officially launched in The Netherlands, Sprout writes. It now has 250 locations in Amsterdam and the startup is planning to launch in other cities soon.

Simfuny is an app that lets you discover stuff to do in Amsterdam. Not the most exciting startup, but nonetheless interesting to see if this can get some traction along all the other businesses doing this.

Morning read

Remember the massive internet outage on popular websites and services last Friday? Internet of Things devices are partly to blame. (FastCompany)

Having trouble at networking events? Here's how to 'Conversationbomb Like a Pro' (Medium)

"Jesus christ, another noun-js" – How it feels to learn Javascript in 2016 (Hackernoon)

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