Dutch startup news update: Bird Control Group, Red Tulip Systems, InSided
5 March, 2021 by
Dutch startup news update: Bird Control Group, Red Tulip Systems, InSided
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Check out what happened in the Dutch startup scene last week:


Tech startup Red Tulip Systems received 300.000 euro from the UNIIQ investment fund. The investment is for product optimization of WorkFone, a new virtual mobile communication service for clients such as government and law enforcement agencies.

Eindhoven/Veldhoven-based medtech startup Usono has raised 176.000 euro (convertible notes) via angel investment platform Leapfunder. The money will be used to bring their hands-free ultrasound product to market.

News & Updates

The government is testing a nationwide solution to the geese problem: they cause nuisance and damage crops. With startup Bird Control Group they will find out if automatic agrilasers are the most effective.

One of Dutch tech darlings Booking.com is setting up their own fund to invest in ‘sustainable tourism startups’. Companies in the Booster programme eventually can get a grant between 100.000 and 500.000 euro.

The community engagement startup Insided is expanding to the US. The Amsterdam-based company now has its American HQ in New York.

Pr.co has expanded a lot with tons of new features. One of them is Match, it uses machine learning to analyze a press release and then match it with journalists who have covered the same themes or similar topics.

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