Dutch startup news update: Accerion, TNO opens up to startups, tech fatigue
5 March, 2021 by
Dutch startup news update: Accerion, TNO opens up to startups, tech fatigue
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Here’s what happened in the Dutch startup scene last week. And what’s upcoming!


Together with one of the founders, Kickstart Venlo (Rabobank) and LBDF (Province of Limburg) invest €600,000 in Accerion. The High Tech XL startup can further develop its technology with the money. Accerion develops a positioning technology which can be integrated into automated vehicles and mobile robots.

‘Crowdsourced data’ company Roamler secured an investment of 4.5 million euro, led by Endeit Capital and with support of Roamer’s existing management.

Dutch-Swiss medtech startup G-Therapeutics received a massive amount of money to develop its neuro-stimulation therapy for people with spinal cord injury.

Amsterdam-based start-up Lone Rooftop secured a 500k seed investment led by Dutch tech fund Mamadoo Ventures and backed by co-founder Reinoud Elhorst.


StartupDelta and research institute TNO launched TekDelta, an initiative to open up patents, research facilities and lab space to startups. TNO, universities and corporates like KPN and Philips will collaborate to bring new ideas and research tot the market. (Link in Dutch)

In a desolate corner of the Amsterdam Science Park a vibrant startup community is about to arise. ‘Startup Village’ is an initiative by ACE Venture Lab, UvA Holdings, Amsterdam Science Park and architect Julius Taminiau.

The DJ100 presented a list of one hundred inspirational young professionals of 2016 – “not a ranking but a podium to connect ambitious entrepreneurs and individuals”, says the organization.


The Future of High Tech, May 25. One of the most prominent innovative regions of The Netherlands, Twente, is having its own tech event focused on bringing every stakeholder together to boost its startup climate.

Launchpad Meetups, May 24-25. Prior to The Next Web Conference, corporates challenge startups to help them with innovation. These events have been proven very successful last year. Now the Launchpad Meetups are back, bigger than ever!

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