Dutch Government endorses emersion of academic startups
5 March, 2021 by
Dutch Government endorses emersion of academic startups
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Dutch Government endorses emersion of academic startups 

Dutch Deputy Minister Sander Dekker has sent his Open Science letter to Dutch Parliament today.
The letter explains how to increase the transfer of knowledge generated by Universities to third parties like companies or how this knowledge can be transformed into academic startups.
StartupDelta applauds this letter because the proposed measures are concrete. These measures can help increase the number of academic startups and stimulate their growth.

StartupDelta will work closely together with the Ducth universities to further strengthen their Knowledge Transfer Offices and organise master classes for business developers within the universities. Thus promising innovations can be spotted much faster which enables academic startups to get a head start.

Anne-Wil Lucas of StartupDelta stresses the importance of science-based knowledge for start-ups: “Instead of more pizza delivery apps we need more science-based innovation that will change our lives”. A good example is the academic startup Cristal Therapeutics that has acquired 13 million euro in funding to further develop its nano-medicine against cancer.

Read the Open Science Letter from Sander Dekker to Parliament here

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